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Open Wire Feeder Impedance Calculator (S.M.R.C.C. Web Tools for Radio Amateurs)
2017.10.07 - "Rogers 6047 Additron" by uniservo
2023.11.08 - "How To Send Memes & Selfies In The 1970s - Vintage SSTV System" by saveitforparts
Homebrew RF circuit design ideas
"Build Your Own Transmitting Air Variable Capacitors!" by David Hammack N4DFP
Easy digi hook up
2021.08.07 - "Coax Winding The Right Way" by K8MRD
2023.04.02 - "UVB-76/The Buzzer (4625kHz) April 2nd, 2023 12:54UTC Voice Message" by nuvem (youtube)
2023.03.26 - "POTA at Lake Talquin state Forest (FL)" by AirHeadz Radio Adventures -- at the linked timestamp, you can hear me calling their station for park to park QSO
Making Waves – A DIY HF Antenna for the smallest spaces
2021.12.26 - "Synthesising Wireless Doorbell In GNU Radio"
Find QTH locator or map square
phpQW Tool Log Analysis
Embed POTA stats on a webpage
2015.03.08 - Using a PC sound card to receive VLF radio signals by VWestlife
2022.02.14 - DIY 49:1 Unun Impedance Transformer For End-Fed Half Wave (EFWH) Antenna (Step-by-Step Instructions) by KM1NDY
2016.12.28 - Simple End Fed Half Wave for 40m (and how it works)
The international Q-code
2021.08.05 - ARRL RF Exposure Calculator
2015.08.11 - How to build a simple PTT interface for digital modes
2022.08.10 - Pocket FT8
2020.02.01 - "How APRS paths work" by
FCC Emissions Designators
Everything you always wanted to know About Antennas (but were afraid to ask) || Frank Rutter K3AW
Similarities of Wave Behavior (AT&T Labs)
The End Fed Half Wave Antenna by K1RF
Learn CW online (LCWO)
Hear CW, SSB & WSPR on a Baofeng HT
Amateur Extra 7 Query Tools (AE7Q)
Inductor calculator
FM Bandstop filter
LC filter design tool
passive low pass filter